The name describes that the structure is suitable for high ground clearance upto 7 feet above ground level with wide range of customizable array configuration from 4 to 40 module. The inclination of the structure vary from 10 to 25 degree depend on the latitude and longitude.
  • Suitable for any module type.
  • Long life material like pre-galvanized steel for strut channel, Hot Dip Galvanised and Stainless steel are used for module mounting and hence highly durable.
  • Suitable for any compact space.
  • Modular type structure, Installation involves only nut and bolt mechanism and easy to mount by unskilled professional also.
  • Easily maintenance because of module structure, hence easy to repair and replaceable.
  • Suitable for easy mounting on any roof top related to households, hospitals, schools which is lightweight and protect from heavy load. There are no points load acting on the roof hence no need to compromise with structural integrity of existing building roof unlike the penetrative structures.
  • Concrete ballast work will be provided according to the needful roof or fastener bolts with Healthy Chemical will be provided to sue the time and not at all labour intensive work.
Technical Specification:
  • Site of Installation: Low profile roof(Fixed) or Ground mounted
  • Angle of Elevation: 10 deg, 15 deg, 25 deg,30 deg
  • PV Modules: All types Module orientation: Portrait, landscape
  • Material: Pre-Galvanised sheet of 550 GSM, HDG of 80 microns min
  • Fasteners: SS 304, Grade 8.8
  • Site of Installation: Low profile roof(Fixed) or Ground mountedDistributed Weight:7-8 kg /m2
  • Code & Software analysis: Staad Pro is used for structural engineering and design virtually to analyse any type of structure through its flexible modelling environment
  • Wind load calculation
    Specific design of Structure to resist and protect from wind load
  • AutoCAD Design analysis
  • Final check analysis
  • The Optimised solution for triangle shape structure is specific for any roof tops project
  • Strut channel is long lasting and protect the roof from heavy load
  • Easy mounting solution and customizable to increase or decrease the size of projects from same array
  • Long lasting, durable and stable under extreme weather conditions
  • Fasteners: SS 304, Grade 8.8
  • Tailor made, adjustable angle on site, no welding and easy to install just with the help of Allen key